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번호 게제일 논문명 저자 학술지명 Vol. (No.) 국내외 구분 SCI구분
14 2015-10-31 트랙기반 수중건설로봇의 운동 모델링에 관한 연구 최동호 한국해양공학회지 29(5) 국내 -
13 2015-10 수중건설로봇의 유압 제어 안정성 향상을 위한 이중화 설계 이정우 한국해양공학회지 29(5) 국내 -
12 2015-09-30 수중 글라이더의 운동특성을 고려한 동역학 모델링 및 운동성능 해석 남건석 한국마린엔지니어링학회지 39(7) 국내 -
11 2016-01-17 국내 주요 항만 인근의 탁도 특성 분석 장인성 한국산학기술학회논문집 = 국내 -
10 2015-06-15 Trajectory Generation and Sliding-Mode Controller Design of an underwater Vehicle-Manipulator System with Redundancy Donghee Kim NTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING 16(7) 국외 SCI
9 2015-09-08 Synchronous and Asynchronous Application of a Filtering Method for nderwater Robot Localization Nak Yong Ko International Journal of Humanoid Robotics 12(1) 국외 SCI(E)
8 2015.4-04-01 Modeling and control of an unmanned underwater vehicle using a mass moving system Seung-Woo Byun Modern Physics Letters B 29(6&7) 국외 SCI
7 2015-03-01 Measurement of DS-CDMA Propagation Distance in Underwater Acoustic Communication Considering Attenuation and Noise Young-Pil Lee International Journal of Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems 15(1) 국외 -
6 2015-03-01 Future Trends in Marine Robotics Fumin Zhang IEEE ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION MAGAZINE 22 (1) 국외 SCI(E)
5 2015-11 Effects ofnon-verticallinearmotionsofahemispherical-float wave energy converte Hoang-Thinh Do Ocean Engineering 109(15) 국외 SCI
4 2015-03-01 DSSS-Based Channel Access Technique DS-CDMA for Underwater Acoustic Transmission Young-Pil Lee International Journal of Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems 15(1) 국외 -
3 2014-08-18 Development of a Novel Linear Magnetic Actuator Truong Quoc Thanh Int. J. of Automation Technology 6(8) 국외 SCOPUS
2 2015-07 Design and Modeling of an Innovative Wave Energy Converter Using Dielectric Electro-active Polymers Generator Phan Cong Binh INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING 16(8) 국외 SCI(E)
1 2014-09-09 Application of an adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller in velocity control of a secondary controlled hydrostatic transmission system Hoang Thinh Do Mechatronics 24(8) 국외 SCIE
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